HUSD is grateful for its Employees of Excellence!

Mr. Berkowsky is widely respected on campus by staff and students alike and stands out because of his relentless focus on student support and success. His classroom is designed to give students the opportunity to learn physics through a variety of modalities. Mr. Berkowsky keeps close track of student progress and can frequently be heard offering words of encouragement and wisdom - and you may even catch him playing “happy birthday” on his harmonica for a student or staff member.

In addition to his regular classroom instruction, Mr. Berkowksy has been instrumental in establishing Alessandro’s after school credit recovery program. Last year, he provided after school activities such as physics labs and dissections to give students hands-on and engaging learning experiences while recovering credits. This year, he has worked with other teachers to expand offerings to include cooking, gardening, basketball, and additional science labs.

Although he is not the type to seek out recognition, Mr. Berkowsky’s positive impact on the school and community is greatly appreciated!