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School History

Alessandro High School is a small continuation school comprised of two separate sites, the continuation school at the Alternative Learning Center campus, shared with Hemet Adult School, and AdvancePath Academics (APA) at the Santa Fe site.

In 1965, continuation education classes were held on an hourly basis after school and on Saturdays by teachers from Hemet High School. During the next two years, 1967-68 and 1968-69, the continuation education students were transported to Mountain View High School in San Jacinto. For the following two years, 1969-1971, continuation students were taught in a converted home facility by two full time Hemet teachers. The program was then transferred to the vacant facilities of an elementary school and was named Alessandro High School. Although the program was still administered by Hemet High School, a high degree of autonomy was exercised by the site staff. In 1972, Alessandro's staff became involved with the California Continuation Education Association (CCEA), leading to recognition of accreditation as an important next step for the school. In 1974, Alessandro became a continuation school.

In August of 2008, AdvancePath Academics (APA), offering an online standard-based computer program, opened its doors under the auspices of Alessandro High School. APA is located at the Hemet Unified School District Santa Fe site.