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October's Students of the Month

On October 27, 2016, students from Hemet Unified and San Jacinto Unified were recognized as Students of the Month at an awards breakfast held at the Sizzler Restaurant in Hemet. Students were selected from Hemet High School, West Valley High School, Tahquitz High School, Hamilton High School, Alessandro High School, San Jacinto High School, and Mountain View High School/Mountain Heights Academy. 

Sponsors of the Student of the Month Program donated backpacks filled with gifts, gift certificates, a plaque, and much more. The students had an opportunity to thank their families and teachers who have supported them and helped them plan their future life goals.

Mikayla Ambriz was nominated by Elizabeth Fiorito, her AP English teacher at Hemet High School, for being a thoughtfully profound and consistent leader. Mikayla is an AP scholar with a 4.0 Grade Point Average (GPA). She would like to attend University of Santa Barbara or California Baptist University. Mikayla has taken on various roles at her school, one of which is to help substitutes teach the instructional choir as the school looks to find a permanent teacher. Her ability to lead over 50 students in the choir is an example of her passion and determination. She admits she is very hard on herself and has worked to accept her flaws, and accept things that she cannot change.   

Jevford Barro was chosen as West Valley High School’s Student of the Month. Sean Matthews, Jevford’s AP Physics teacher, said he is impressed with his eagerness to learn. He is currently at a 4.18 GPA and enrolled in five AP classes. Jevford was the first freshman at West Valley to take an AP class. He said he is happy to have paved the way for other freshman to start taking Advanced Placement classes. He hopes to attend Stanford University to major in computer science or engineering. He hopes to make a lasting impact on this world by creating a program that will help students feel more engaged in their education. Jevford expressed his high hopes for the future and said, “Whatever you do, do everything with your heart.” 

Lilah Hudson Kindred was nominated by Jovanny Enciso, as Tahquitz High School’s Student of the Month. Jovanny nominated Lilah for her positive attitude and self-motivation. He said her determination and discipline comes through her work. Lilah currently holds a 3.8 GPA and is the fastest 100-meter runner Tahquitz has. Despite the many challenges Lilah has faced, she has decided to persevere. She told herself that giving up won’t help her and she refused to be another statistic. 

Lissette Zepeda was selected by Adam Bishop, her Physics teacher at Hamilton High School. Mr. Bishop said he nominated Lissette based on her commitment to succeed in all aspects despite the many obstacles she has faced. Lissette is currently involved in Hamilton’s K-8 mentor program, Peers Leaders Uniting Students (PLUS), Interact, Mathletes, volleyball, cheer, basketball, and softball. She hopes to attend California State University, San Marcos to become a nurse. Lissette said she didn’t have someone to push her in the beginning, but she knew her education mattered. She became involved in her campus and her school work. She thanked her Principal Mr. Farkas, saying, “You believed in me when many did not.” She also thanked her teacher and sisters for showing her constant support to keep going. 

Selena Powell was nominated by Merribeth Messer, as Alessandro High School’s Student of the Month. Merribeth nominated Selena for the determination she showed in her education. When Selena began attending Alessandro she was determined to graduate despite being behind in credits. She attended six hours of regular school, adult education classes at night, and takes extra class opportunities on Fridays. During her junior year, she earned 55 credits during one semester while achieving a 4.0 GPA. This semester she has already earned over 50 credits and is on track to graduate in December, an entire semester early. Selena plans on attending Mt. San Jacinto College and transferring to a University to become a veterinarian. 

Congratulations to the students, teachers, principals, and family members. It was an inspiring morning celebrating these students and their bright futures.