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Turkey Bowl for Alternative Sites

ASPIRE Community Day School is now a part of a grand tradition. This year, Alessandro High School, ACE Academy, and ASPIRE got together to participate in the annual Turkey Bowl between the alternative sites at the Santa Fe Education Center. 

On Wednesday, November 18th, Alessandro and ACE competed in the Campus Semi-Final game to determine which school would compete against ASPIRE. The game was close and didn’t end until it went into a double overtime. ACE came out victorious with the final score reading 12-6.

On Friday, November 18th, ACE was set to play ASPIRE, but unfortunately some students were unable to play that day. Alessandro students ended up playing ASPIRE and Alessandro won with the final score of 28-14. Since ACE beat Alessandro in the Campus Semi-Final, they became the league champs and won this year’s Turkey Bowl. 

The Turkey Bowl started back in 2009 by Frank Green, current Helen Hunt Jackson College Prep High School Principal, and Michael Munnell, current Assistant Principal of ACE. The event has been updated over the years to include all alternative sites. Lee Clark, a teacher at Alessandro, coordinator of the event said the Turkey Bowl is a time-honored tradition. He continued to say, “The event allows students to represent their respective school in a positive and meaningful way.” 

ACE is now the proud owner of the Turkey Bowl trophy, at least for the year. Next year, the trophy will be up for grabs again. A new trophy was donated by the Temecula Valley Football Association after a board member from the Association went to Alessandro and learned about the Turkey Bowl tradition. 

Thanks to Alessandro, ACE, and ASPIRE’s staff for continuing this tradition for the alternative sites!